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February 19th, 2014
08:51 PM ET

Gingrich: Secretary Kerry is delusional

Crossfire hosts Newt Gingrich and Van Jones spar over Secretary of State John Kerry's recent comments on climate change. Whose side are you leaning towards?

Jones to Palin: My kids are not subhuman
Van Jones was deeply offended by Sarah Palin's comments defending Ted Nugent.

February 17th, 2014
09:18 PM ET

Should the U.S. arm Syrian rebels?

Crossfire hosts Van Jones and S.E. Cupp ask Danielle Pletka and Tommy Vietor how they would solve the Syrian crisis.

Crossfire: What are the U.S. options in Syria?
Danielle Pletka of AEI debates what she thinks the U.S. should do to resolve the Syria crisis since she doesn't agree with how the administration has handled it thus far.

What is Obama’s foreign doctrine?
Pletka says Sarah Palin got it right when describing Obama's foreign policy.

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NSA, Sochi among Obama's political headaches
December 18th, 2013
04:12 PM ET

NSA, Sochi among Obama's political headaches

A brand new report recommends that the National Security Agency's spying program stay in place, but urges the President to rein-in the NSA's massive collection of cell phone and internet data.

The controversial program has sparked concern fury from foreign leaders, concerned about reports that the United States has been spying on them. 

Unfortunately for President Obama, that's just one item on his list of political headaches.

The United States' delegation to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia won't include a member of President Barack Obama's family or an active cabinet secretary, but it will include openly gay athletes – a clear jab at Russia's recent anti-gay laws. FULL STORY.

Washington Post op-ed columnist Ruth Marcus and The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol are in the #Crossfire, joining host S.E. Cupp and Van Jones to debate these topics and other issues facing President Obama.

We want you to weigh in: Do you think the U.S. should boycott the Olympics in Russia?

Vote by tweeting Yes or No using #Crossfire or comment on our Facebook post. View results below or through our Poptip results page.

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August 7th, 2013
10:55 AM ET

Former Obama aide slams president’s comments on NSA

(CNN) - A former special advisor to President Barack Obama and co-host of CNN's "Crossfire" Van Jones criticized the president's recent statements about the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance programs.

"We don't have a domestic spying program," Obama said on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday. "What we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an email address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat."


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