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May 21st, 2014
09:03 PM ET

What could Obama have done differently re: VA scandal?

Crossfire host Van Jones asks Senator Dean Heller how he would handle the VA scandal, Sen. Bernie Sanders debates.

Should the head of the VA lose his job?
Newt Gingrich asks Senator Bernie Sanders if Eric Shinseki should lose his job.

A "Benghazi-like" effect with the VA?
Van Jones and Newt Gingrich debate the politicization of the VA scandal along with Sens. Bernie Sanders and Dean Heller.

Joint outraged: Prison system failing America
Van Jones and Newt Gingrich are both outraged that the Prison system is failing America.

VA scandal: Will Obama fire Shinseki?
May 21st, 2014
04:36 PM ET

VA scandal: Will Obama fire Shinseki?

President Barack Obama promised accountability, but he made clear Wednesday he won't fire Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki - yet - over excessive and sometimes deadly waiting times faced by veterans seeking government health care.

The controversy has mushroomed since CNN first reported the problem last November in a detailed investigation examining several VA hospitals.

After meeting with Shinseki at the White House, Obama held a hastily arranged news conference in which he said he needed more time to review what was going on.

"If these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and I will not tolerate it, period," the President said in his first public comments in weeks on the issue. FULL STORY.

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At 6:30pm ET, VA Senate committee chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) debates fellow committee member Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV). Newt Gingrich and Van Jones host the debate.

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How do you rate Obama’s management of the VA scandal?

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March 10th, 2014
09:13 PM ET

Santorum questions Christie's sincerity

Marc Lamont Hill asks Rick Santorum about the rifts in the Republican party including with Santorum and Gov. Christie.

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Sen. Sanders on Hillary Clinton 2016
S.E. Cupp says the Democrats have a rift within their own party and Sen. Bernie Sanders responds.

Cupp: Justin Bieber is probably a bad person
S.E. Cupp was outraged at Justin Bieber's behavior at his deposition.

George Zimmerman signs autographs at gun show
Guest host Marc Lamont Hill was outraged that George Zimmerman was signing autographs of himself at a gun show.

Which party is ready for 2016?
March 10th, 2014
06:11 PM ET

Which party is ready for 2016?

Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Sen. Rick Santorum disagree on just about everything when it comes it politics. But the two also each have big differences with their parties' establishment.

Santorum is at odds with Gov. Chris Christie & others in the Republican party, arguing they need to elect an apologetic conservative, not a moderate candidate. After saying that winning the White House "...may be a win for the Republican candidate but it will be a devastating loss for America," Christie hit back, saying "we don't get to govern if we don't win."

Meanwhile, Sanders tells The Nation that leadership needs to explain to the American people why they are hurting and how to grow the middle class, but doesn't think "that is the politics of Senator Clinton or the democratic establishment."

Sanders and Santorum will face in the Crossfire, joined by S.E. Cupp and guest host Marc Lamont Hill.

We want you to weigh in: If Hillary Clinton runs, will she get a significant primary challenge on the left?

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November 6th, 2013
10:13 PM ET

In the Crossfire: Medicaid Expansion

Sen. Bernie Sanders attacks Sen. David Vitter over Louisiana's decision to not accept Medicaid expansion.

What do you think? Do you think all states should accept Medicaid expansion?

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September 24th, 2013
07:36 PM ET

Bernie Sanders: Obamacare is a ‘good Republican program’

Washington (CNN) – Noted Senate liberal Bernie Sanders stood in support of Obamacare Tuesday even while saying the bill doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Sanders, an Independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats, reiterated his support of a universal single-payer Medicare for all, inspired by health care programs in Europe. On CNN’s Crossfire, he called the Affordable Care Act that Congress passed in 2010 a “good Republican program,” referring to the Massachusetts program introduced by former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney that served as the blueprint for what has come to be known as Obamacare.


Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obamacare stinks

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he supports certain elements of Obamacare but says the overall plan is bad for jobs.

Sanders: Americans hurting very badly

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Bernie Sanders take over Crossfire and debate Obamacare, taxes and entitlements.

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In the Crossfire: Sens. Graham & Sanders
September 24th, 2013
04:29 PM ET

In the Crossfire: Sens. Graham & Sanders


Less than a week from the government shutdown deadline, the debate continues over President Obama’s controversial health care law. Despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s plans to remove the provision that defunds the law, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has taken to the Senate floor to deliver remarks on Obamacare and the shutdown, saying, “I intend to speak until I am no longer able to stand.”

Tonight, two U.S. Senators, Bernie Sanders, an independent who supports Obamacare, and Republican Lindsey Graham, who opposes it, face off on the controversial health care law with hosts Newt Gingrich and Van Jones.

We want you to weigh in. Do you think the implementation of Obamacare should be delayed to make changes to the law? Reply with Yes or No below, respond to our tweet, or comment on our Facebook post to vote.